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Whether you are an active stock exchange trader, or an experienced crypto trader or investor, or an aspirant who is about to take your first step into the trading world, you have landed yourself on a secure, fully supported, fully regulated platform- Trade99, which will have your back in every trading endeavor you will take. Trade99 is famous for its customer-oriented services and offers a great variety of trading options that are supported by an experienced professional team.

So what services does Trade99 offer to you?

At Trade99, you will find a whole range of trading instruments that you can make use of. These allow you to do trading of any kind of assets or markets. These trading instruments include-

  • Stocks,
  • Bonds,
  • Commodities,
  • Fiat currencies,
  • Indexes,
  • ETFs,
  • Commodity leveraged cryptocurrencies

Commodity leveraged cryptocurrencies further include the following sub-categories-

  • Soft commodities,
  • Precious metals, Indices, Energy commodity, and
  • The new-age digital currency- the Cryptocurrency.

The benefits of Commodity leveraged cryptocurrencies are around the sheer freedom it offers while giving the user great benefits and trading safety as well as learning on the go. Some benefits of Commodity leveraged cryptocurrencies are as follows-

  • In Commodity leveraged cryptocurrencies, it is not compulsory to own the crypto asset. This, in return, offers a sense of freedom to trade without worrying about the outcome so much.
  • Further, the market fluctuations in terms of prices of cryptos, and the related assets don’t have a conclusive effect on the user as he or she is not the owner of the asset.
  • Additionally, the price turbulence can affect the profits only after taking the original rate (at which the leveraged cryptocurrencies or asset was bought in the first place), into consideration.
  • Last but not least; the user can reap the benefit of the short position. This feature helps when a user decides to sell off an asset at the current market rate, which is lower. This decision can be beneficial later on, as the user is now in a position to purchase the asset at the lower rate as well.
The MetaTrader5 Feature by Trade99

This is a very exciting feature offered by Trade99. It is a very advanced feature that suits the active traders who want to have a close watch at the market constantly to make their trading decisions. Here are the qualities of MetaTrader5

  • The user can enjoy the feature-rich MetaTrader5 through options such as- professional support for trading in various financial trading, crypto leveraged trading, crypto exchanges, future markets, and so on.
  • All these features are made in a highly easy-to-use way so that just one click can get you going.
  • MetaTrader5 offers its services on a 24/7 basis. So, even when you are asleep, this trading solder is working for you.
  • It is also geo-location free. No matter where you are, you can operate it freely.
  • It also offers you access to several trading robots, full-breadth support from the strategy supporters, a virtual hosting service (VPS), and support for crypto trading.
  • The fact that it is backed by the trading robots; therefore, it is available at your service on a 24/7 basis. All you need to do is to set your trading preference such as- choice of crypto or stock exchanges, your trading budget, trading goals, number of transactions, record or orders, and so on. Then the trading robot does the work for you in an automated manner.

Another way of looking at MetaTrdaer5 is like having a personal trading assistant. It will maintain all the records for you about when the sales took place, detailed information about each transaction, how many orders were there, what was the method of execution (netting mode {useful for exchange market} and hedging method {useful for leveraged cryptocurrency trading}), etc.

Confident trading for all-

At Trade99, the users get undivided attention for everything they need support for. No question is too silly at this platform. Trade99 takes pride in customer support services. The beginners in the trading world as well as experts, get support from Trade99.

Trade99 believes in mutual growth, and that is why it offers trading educational services so that doubts or any kind of confusion can get cleared and further, with strong trading knowledge, everyone can grow fully.

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