Banxso Review – Why Is Everyone Talking About Banxso?

What is Banxso?

Banxso is an FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) licensed, commission-free trading and investment exchange that facilitates quick, safe, and simple trading. Banxso is gaining popularity among new investors because of its safety and transparency. The platform offers multiple tradable assets, including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency. Granting equal opportunities to traders, Banxso works under a massive regulatory umbrella that includes global and European regulations and guidelines to protect its clients’ best interests.

Banxso Review - Overview

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Stepping into a new world of technical jargon and complex charts can be daunting, and for this reason, Banxso has come up with trading education in comprehensive and logical steps, knowledgeable resources, and trading tools that are ideal for modern traders.

To learn more about Banxso’s features, regulations, pros and cons, safety features, order types, and many more, keep reading.

Features of Banxso

Trading need not be complicated, and Banxso ensures to provide an easy and intuitive platform for trading so that traders can devote more attention to making informed trading decisions. Several features make Banxso one of the best options for trading:

  • The platform is regulated by FSCA and abides by the other global regulations and guidelines of trading.
  • Being the most dependable trading platform, it provides equal opportunity to every trader.
  • Traders can communicate directly with the support team through live chat that is functional 24*5.
  • Banxso knowledge center is commendable where the training academy, containing articles, webinars, trading ideas, and daily market reviews about every aspect of investments and trading, come in handy for the new traders.
  • The platform has a wide variety of trading tools and personal trading analysts so that the trader’s experience is completely tailored to their goals and personality.
  • With Banxso’s state-of-the-art and real-time technical analysis, traders get full control over their investments.
  • The AI-based technology and complex algorithms give traders an edge in the competitive trading environment.

Is Banxso a regulated broker?

What makes Banxso one of the most reliable and safest trading platforms is its license. The commission-free investment platform is licensed and regulated by the leading financial institution, FSCA. Financial Sector Conduct Authority is a market and trading conduct regulator of all financial institutions that offer financial services and financial products.

The forex and other trading markets are swamped with brokers, but not all of them are regulated. While choosing a safe and reliable broker to suit one’s trading needs, it can be pretty challenging to select the most reliable one. Regulated brokers like Banxso are registered and licensed under the financial regulatory bodies of the country, such as FSCA and FCA. They comply with the rules and regulations laid down by the regulatory bodies.

Being a regulated broker, Banxso submits regular evidence of audits and their accounts on time and adheres to the strict criteria to remain on the FSCA’s list of reputable trading platforms.

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Pros and Cons of Banxso

Pros  Cons
Regulated and licensed by FSCA Provides only MetaTrader 5
Offer various trading assets and instruments It does not have a wide coverage
Two trading platforms – MT5 and Mobile platform
Demo account available

Is it safe to trade with Banxso?

Traders can trade with Banxso with full confidence as safety is the platform’s priority. The developers believe that trust can be built only through safety. But how safe is Banxso? Here is what traders must know about the platform’s safety features:

  • Segregated investment balance: To guarantee the safety of its clients’ funds, Banxso keeps all the investments and trades duly supervised by its regulators and keeps the funds segregated from other funds. This way, traders can trade with confidence without the fear of losing money if the exchange becomes insolvent.
  • 24*7 customer support: Those who face problems during a trade can contact customer support. The help center at Banxso is quite effective and responsive, and it is one of the biggest assets of the platform.
  • 100% transparent fee structure: At Banxso, there are no hidden fees. The fee structure is available on the Banxso official website, and it is not very complicated. In case of any change in the fee structure, the platform ensures that its traders would be the first to know about it, even before the changes are implemented on the site.
  • Equality: Traders can start trading with Banxso without any minimum deposit. Traders can deposit as low as $10 to enjoy the services as the platform would provide the same care to each trader. To check the platform’s reliability, one does not need to deposit loads of funds to trade.

Assets offered for trading

Banxso offers multiple tradable assets, including forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and recently, they have added cryptocurrency to their list. Let’s check out more about these Banxso assets in this section:

Banxso - Assets Offered For Trading

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Banxso’s Forex platform is popular with all kinds of traders for the following reasons:

Entry point: Anyone can enter the trading market with a small capital amount and find out their potential return on relatively low investments on forex.

Flexible: Forex trading at Banxso is available 24 hours a day.

Liquidity: The currencies traded at the Banxso forex market are highly liquid, which means trades can be placed quickly with lower risks of volatile movements and smaller spreads.


Banxso also offers stock trading for traders who benefit from the knowledge of trading strategies and global markets. Share prices are constantly fluctuating, giving opportunities to potential traders to make profits. But many average traders miss out on the best opportunity and lose money. The goal of the platform is to improve the chances of making rational and smart trades.


Trading indices at Banxso enables traders to focus all their attention on the power of regional and global financial markets instead of individual stocks. The platform helps to create a diversified portfolio, including a wide range of indices to invest in. Long-term traders and investors generally do indices. But the performance and gain can also be enjoyed in the short term. Indices tend to be tricky compared to stocks, so Banxso provides sufficient insights, wisdom, and information to help with trading indices with utmost confidence.


The platform also offers commodity trading, and it is one of the greatest assets it has included to level out the playing field in the trading industry. Along with commodity trading, it also offers knowledge and education so that traders can trade with confidence and succeed. Commodity trading includes soft commodities like oil and agricultural goods and hard commodities like metal, gold, energy, etc. Based on the trader’s trading style and preferences, they can trade agricultural goods, energy, and metals from the platform.


Finally, Banxso has made it official with cryptocurrency trading. From international recognition to the depths of vagueness and obscurity, the use of cryptocurrency has witnessed an explosion in recent years. These digital currencies have multiplied in terms of their value and have made massive profits out of small investments. The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies tends to be intimidating, and this is the reason why many traders keep cryptocurrencies out of their options. This is understandable, and Banxso encourages traders to be extra cautious before trading or investing in cryptocurrency. The platform allows traders to trade crypto through CFDs without truly owning it.

Order types

There are mainly three types of orders: market order, stop order, and limit order.

A market order is placed when a trader buys or sells stocks at the current best price available in the market. Market orders ensure the execution of the orders, but they do not guarantee a particular price. A market order is optimal when the main objective of trading is to execute the trade order immediately. Market orders are suitable when a trader thinks that a particular stock is priced correctly, when he wants an immediate trade execution, or is sure that he wants to fill in his order.

A limit order is placed when a trader buys or sells stocks with a restriction on the highest price to be paid or the lowest price to be received. This highest and lowest price is known as the limit price. A limit order is always filled at a particular limit price, but there is no guarantee of execution. Limit orders are suitable when a trader thinks he can purchase at a price higher or lower than the current quote.

A stop order is placed when a trader buys or sells stock at the existing market price only after the stock has traded through a particular price, known as the stop price. If any stock hits the stop price, the order transforms into a market order and is filled at the next market price available. If the stock does not reach the stop price, the order remains unexecuted.

Demo Account

One of the best things about Banxso is that it is extremely beginner-friendly. Any new trader can open a free account or the demo account to try out the user interface before they start trading on the platform. There is no need to provide any personal or financial information to open the demo account. But to trade on Banxso, a demo account alone will not suffice.

Account Types

There are two types of accounts available at Banxso: Demo Account and Live Account.

  • Demo Account: The demo account is offered to allow a prospective trader to experiment with Banxso before putting in real money for trading. The demo account is mostly used by trading platforms. The aim of providing a demo account is to train new traders about trading strategies and practices and how to make trades in the exchanges and real markets.
  • Live Account: While the demo account can be opened by anyone as it does not require any personal or financial details of the traders, the live account is for those looking forward to trading with any of the tradable assets offered by the platform. To create a live account or a personal profile, apart from entering details like name, email address, phone number, date of birth, account currency, country, citizenship, address, and password, new signees need to provide certain financial details too. It is compulsory to provide this information as it is required by the financial regulations and also helps in protecting the traders and their funds. Note that it takes about 5 minutes to complete the process.

Account opening process

Creating an account on Banxso is straightforward and does not require any unnecessary steps. Follow the steps below to create a Live account at Banxso:

Banxso - Account Opening Process

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  • Visit the Banxso official web page and navigate to the Register tab.
  • On the next page, enter the personal details along with the name, date of birth, account currency, country, address, pin code, and click Next and start trading.

The entire account opening process requires not more than 5 minutes and does not require verification, making the process even faster than other platforms.

Trading Platforms

Banxso has been successful in attracting thousands of investors and traders from around the world, and this is because of its commitment to providing a variety of trading platforms that suit the goals and strategies of the traders. The platform accommodates traders by offering platforms like MetaTrader 4/5, Banxso X, and Mobile, each of which boasts exclusive features with additional benefits to their general trading services.

  • MetaTrader 5:

    MetaTrader 5 is a popular multi-asset trading platform, technologically prepared to enable flexible and comprehensive trading operations. MT 5 offers a rich variety of smart trading tools useful in technical, fundamental analyses and easy-to-use trading system MQL5 multi-currency tester, development environment, and alerts with the latest financial news and video. The MetaTrader 5 trading platform was created to expand the trading activities of the traders beyond Forex and CFD instruments as the platform is popularly referred to as the all-in-one multi-asset platform. It includes both non-centralized and centralized financial markets such as forex, futures, stock trading instruments. Unlike the MetaTrader 4, MT 5 is faster, and it is a multi-threaded, 64-bit platform, offering high market depth DOM and allowing traders to check where their offers and bids are priced in the financial markets.

  • Mobile Platform:

    Banxso also allows trading on a mobile platform so that traders can enjoy trading anytime, on the go, from their smart devices compatible with both iOS and Android operating software. The mobile app supports all the trading functions available in the desktop version, and it provides a more comprehensive analytical resource through the various graphical objects and technical indicators. Traders using the Banxso mobile platform can monitor the status of their trading accounts and also check their trading history.


Banxso believes in imparting knowledge as it drives the development of a trader. There is a free academy available on the platform to help the traders become successful with the rich collection of educational resources such as online courses, trading ideas, and webinars. The traders at Banxso get full access to this knowledge and educational materials to hone their skills and make better-informed decisions with confidence.

  • Online courses: Banxso desires traders to start trading only when they are completely prepared, and for this, the platform has compiled various educational online courses that cover a plethora of topics relating to financial markets and trading.
  • Personal Coaching: Self-motivation and self-education are the two vital elements in trading. But Banxso also considers the power of experts and mentors to be another essential factor, and hence, the platform has invited some of the first-grade trading experts to train or coach the traders in personal conversations. These experts will solve queries about trading and provide practical tips on how to trade profitably, and help in focussing on trading goals.
  • Trading Ideas: Banxso makes great technical analyses of trading assets to predict their short-run and long-run movements. Daily market reports are also provided by the platform that focuses attention on economic, environmental, and political news affecting the stock exchange. Traders with the updated Banxso reports are most likely to feel confident and on solid grounds, even if the markets change directions suddenly.
  • Webinars: Banxso webinars cover an array of topics and offer informative answers to its clients’ questions. The webinars are interactive and allow the exchange of opinions with other traders. Sharing opinions gives a deeper insight into the art of financial trading and inner scenarios of the financial markets.

Banxso Review – Customer Support

When choosing a financial trading platform, one must always check the effectiveness and responsiveness of customer support. Banxso support promptly responds to every query. Traders with any question or problem can get in touch with the Banxso customer support team through various channels mentioned below –

Banxso Review – Customer Support

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  • Email Support: Traders can send their requests for support at The mail should include the trader’s full name and other contact information. Typically, the team reverts to a solution within 24 hours through email.
  • Human Support: Traders can also get in touch through personal one on one human support. They can meet with its representative in their local embassy at Byls Bridge Office Park Building 14, Block B Corner Olievenhoutbosch Road, Jean Ave, Centurion, 0157, South Africa.
  • Telephone Support: Banxso support services are also available through their telephone support. Get in touch with all relevant information about trading problems while calling 0800 99 7915.
  • Live Chat: Traders can talk directly to the customer support team through the platform’s live chat function, which is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.


Is Banxso safe?

According to this Banxso review, the platform can be considered safe with a high trust score and low risk. The trading platform is regulated and licensed under a leading financial body, FSCA.

Is Banxso suitable for beginners?

Yes, Banxso is a well-known trading platform suitable for all kinds of traders, including beginners and seasoned traders. It offers two trading platforms, MetaTrader 5 and Mobile platform, both of which are extremely beginner-friendly. There is no minimum deposit required to start trading at the platform, giving equal opportunity to all traders and promoting an egalitarian trading environment.