European Real Estate Firm Cracks a Deal With HashCash Consultants

European Real Estate Firm Cracks a Deal With HashCash Consultants

Blockchain and crypto are on the rise all over the internet. Be it Banking or Real-estate, these two technologies are gaining momentum in almost every business sector to boost growth and revenues.

As per sources, a European Real Estate Firm has cracked a deal with HashCash Consultants to develop a private real estate exchange based on blockchain and crypto. HashCash Consultants is a USA-based blockchain and crypto development company that delivers worldwide. It is mainly involved in offering products or services based on AI, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Big Data.

In its recent announcement, it has revealed that it is helping the European firm with its renowned White Label Real Estate Exchange. Leveraging the infrastructure of this solution, the firm will be able to provide the traders and other real estate investors with a unified and highly functional tokenized asset trading marketplace. With this platform, the users can buy, sell, and list both single and portfolio of properties in the form of tokens by using crypto or fiat wallets.

HashCash’s White Label Real Estate Exchange software offers a scalable infrastructure to get the advantage of their crypto-based real estate exchange platform. This tool is well-supported with advanced data encryption in the form of augmented security protocols. With this solution, the real estate firm can harness the same security features along with various benefits inclusive of, transparency between real estate exchange and user; secure data storage and management; in-depth security of estate data; automation tools for communication; advanced analytical tools for the risk and return management by the firms.

Raj Chowdhury, CEO of HashCash Consultants, stated that White Label Real Estate Exchange is capable of helping real estate firms to expand their business worldwide by leveraging the prowess of blockchain and crypto. The company is extending its help to the real estate businesses with its white label solution to leave a positive impact on the growth of both the real estate and crypto industries. Furthermore, it is going to spread a plethora of investment and trading opportunities for the users of the exchange and real estate.

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