Which is Best: Automated Forex Signals Or Manual Forex Signals?

Automated Forex Signals Vs Manual Forex Signals

The forex industry and the coinciding signal industry have evolved in the past decade that they offer numerous sophisticated options that make trading manageable. Even an inexperienced trader finds a readymade platform with innumerable services offering forex signals or recommendations based on professional approaches, making trading easier. 

A trader in the forex market would make use of a forex signals system consisting of a variety of symbols to make the most informed trading decisions. Let’s have a quick glance at two major trading signals: manual forex signals and automated forex signals. 

Manual Forex Signal

Manual forex signals have a human intervention with an expert taking care of signals by studying the various scenarios. This is a time-consuming process as any human will require time to study and understand the signals. The biggest advantage that lies here is that humans can understand the live market conditions and any unpredictable activity. With good experience, a trader can use manual forex signals to predict potentially profitable trade opportunities. The biggest advantage of trading with manual forex signals is that the trader can utilize his experience and skills to assess the market trend’s unpredictability, which the codes certainly cannot do. 

Automated Forex Signal

Opposite to manual forex signals, the signals are tracked and monitored by automated software in automated forex signals. The software or the automated bots process data quicker than a human who simply assesses all of the information by looking at a screen. The software tracks the potential opportunities and automatically determines whether it is profitable to trade with a particular currency and then notify the trader to ensure they never miss any significant signals. One of the biggest advantages of automated signals is that the program or the software operates 24×7 and stays vigilant of the market conditions throughout the day.

What to pick- Manual or Automated?

Well, they both have advantages and disadvantages associated with them, so there is no one sure shot strategy that you should permanently adopt. Since the forex is constantly changing, none of them will be able to give you a 100% return, always being human or automated. Sometimes humans will be more favorable and other times automated. So maybe being able to understand their advantages and limitations, you can go with what suits you best at the time of trade and your situation.

The Advantages of Manual Forex signals: 

  • Manage Risk Level
  • Bigger take profits
  • Human Intelligence is superior to computer intelligence with a feel for the market
  • Trading News
  • Ability to Adapt to market fluctuations.

Disadvantages of the Manual Signals:

  • A Time-Consuming Process
  • Missed Trades at night and working hours
  • Trade on Market Range is limited  

Advantages of Automated Signals:

  • A great guide for new traders
  • Unemotional decisions while trading
  • Fastest speed of execution- no missed trades
  • Time Savior works 24 hours per day

Automated Signals Disadvantages:

  • Inflexibility in gauging conditions market sentiment and fundamental factors
  • Breakdowns can be fatal to the trading account as leverage may get increased enormously, and your entire account could be at risk.

How to find manual and automated FX signals

You want to make sure that you do not get caught up in scams. You can go for the free forex Signal, which will be free to get but will be commission-based and take from your trades. Or you can go for the paid trading signal, which will take a small monthly subscription.

But either way, whatever you decide upon, look into the reputation aspect of the Forex signal provider, look into seniority, and for its verified track record. It must be verified by a third party and be available to the public. Read up reviews on the best provider and what the real users think about it who have subscribed to it. Beware of any promises of great profits or earnings rates.


So there is no one way to trade; there are pros and cons of both the manual and the automated signal providers. In an automated signal option, inexperienced traders could take advantage of copying a trade facility of successful trades and scalping but be wary of the Martingale method. Manual trades are great as nothing surpasses human intelligence, though emotional factors such as greed and fear can disrupt the benefits; if you pick a reputable broker, your chances for a successful trade will increase. So opt profitable forex signals, as per your choice and preference and get huge returns further.

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