ZMEX Announces Launch of Platform With 125 Times Bitcoin Leverage

ZMEX to Officially Launch Its Platform With 125x Bitcoin Leverage

Leading BVI fintech company ZMEX has officially launched its platform containing 125x Bitcoin leverage. It is worth noting that the 125X Bitcoin leverage, also known as BTCUSDT perpetual contract offers users great margin trading, completely accessible BTC, ETH, USDT wallet for deposits and withdrawals.

Perpetual contracts have emerged as the latest types of Bitcoin futures contract sans any expiry date and emerged as a vital part of derivatives family. Derivatives may get profit from both the high and low in price as per the position opened. Derivatives may use leverage to increase the profit secured from trade.

It will take less than a minute and you can start trading instantly soon after you fund your account.

ZMEX Exchange offers both long and short leveraged trades of up to 125x leverage. It implies that if you have 0.01 Bitcoin in your account, you will be able to purchase 1.25 Bitcoin in a single trade.

You will also be allowed to set the leverage to 2x, 3x, 10x, or 125X as per your ease to boost your profit at manageable risk.

ZMEX has also emerged as the ideal platform for starters. It showcases the necessary tools required for advanced trading. ZMEX also provides all the configuration features that you need. It also offers perfect liquidity to allow you to trade cryptocurrencies effortlessly.

ZMEX has the least fees in the market and offers the maximum value of features to users, keeping transparency under consideration. The exchange also promises that there is no apparent hidden fee or additional charges for your trading. It strives to offer you the highly secure and reliable cryptocurrency trading experience ever.

The exchange keeps a large number of tokens in a multi-signature cold wallet to keep customers’ assets safe amid the surging threats from mischievous players.

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