IBM Launched Sterling Supply Chain Suite Software Based on Blockchain and AI

IBM Launched Sterling Supply Chain Suite Software Based on Blockchain and AI

International Business Machines (IBM), one of the leading organizations providing solutions in the domain of Information Technology, has come up with new software to simplify the global supply chain solutions. This new software will harness the combined technological prowess of blockchain and artificial intelligence and has been christened “IBM Sterling supply chain suite.” Some of the distinctive features of the software include its open to customization and self-correcting nature, which ultimately makes it one of its kinds of products in the market.

Target Customers

According to the press release of the company, this software provides a unique opportunity for retailers, manufacturers, and other business organizations to have a competitive edge over the rivals. It can be achieved through integrating the data related to suppliers and customers of a particular business unit that will help the company to gain insights about consumer behavior and accordingly tailor-made their products to better suit the needs of the segment they intend to serve. The customization feature of the software is particularly relevant for the business as they can make necessary adjustments to meet their specific requirements.

So that you know IBM is looking to have a chunk of a $50 billion technology market that is changing thanks to the use of digital technologies across the globe. According to the Teqatlas reports, IBM provides 335 blockchain-related jobs, no other company till now has matched them. On this occasion, IBM’s senior vice president of cognitive applications and developer ecosystems, Bob Lord, said that organizations across the business sectors could be benefited enormously by this new product, which boasts the qualities of both blockchain and artificial intelligence. The software has been specifically focused on the supply chain as this component of the business is becoming critical for enhancing efficiency and generating profitability for an organization. There are several companies across the business sectors that have been able to realize leadership positions based on their lean and agile supply chain systems.

In sum, this new launch is expected to prove a game-changer in providing specific and customized business solutions in the domain of supply chain.

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