Sessia Describes Their Blockchain Cashback Loyalty Program

Sessia Describes Their Blockchain Cashback Loyalty Program

Narek Sirakanyan, President of the New York-based company Sessia, explained the company’s vision in a recent interview. He described the platform they created and how it can be used by businesses as a tool to promote the growth of their company. The interview with Narek speaks of the various challenges that the company had to face during the development phase of their application, and how they managed to overcome these hurdles.

Over the course of the interview, Sirakanyan spoke of how important it is for all parties involved to develop a product that would change what loyalty programs had consisted of up to now. He explained that their focus was set on this goal because loyalty programs had been stagnating for far too long, despite their ability to present many growth opportunities and exciting new ways to connect with customers. The Sessia application makes use of the many advantages offered by cryptocurrencies, relying on a form of internal currency known as ‘kickbacks’ to give customers new ways to interact and make verified purchases with merchants who have partnered with the platform.

Sirakanyan also described how the platform’s kickbacks can be used by customers, saying,

Let’s say I ate in a restaurant that had partnered with Sessia and was awarded some of our kickbacks. The system automatically publishes my check in the feed, enabling others to see that I visited this place and earned some tokens during my visit. Sessia will take note of any activity associated with my purchase, such as views. If the viewer then dines at the same restaurant soon after, Sessia will note that I positively influenced their visit and so will reward me by giving me kickbacks. Of course, this is only the broadest sense of how the platform works, and our customer’s checks are only shared after approval, but we still believe it will encourage users to purchase goods and services from Sessia partners over other companies.

As the company notes, this strategy effectively removes many—if not all—of the intermediaries and financial barriers that were previously necessary to handle loyalty programs, allowing businesses to focus solely on their customers. In this manner, companies will develop a meaningful relationship with their buyers, who in turn will be encouraged to visit the same business in the future to earn more cashback and share their experiences with friends for a passive generation of kickbacks.

“It is simply the best way to promote your business and present your products to customers,” stated Sirakanyan, adding that their blockchain cashback loyalty program provides benefits for both the consumer and the company alike, who will each be saving money in many areas. He continued,

If your customers know that they will be getting a free product out of every ten confirmed purchases, they’ll be more likely to choose your business over and over again. This is even more applicable if it is as convenient as the options we offer since our users can choose when to exchange their tokens—and they can do it from anywhere in the world.

One of the biggest advantages that the Sessia platform has to offer is being available worldwide, as the company claims that they seek to use cryptocurrencies to power a global marketplace.

By allowing their users to exchange their kickbacks for real-world currency at any given time, Sessia encourages their users’ trust and faith in the platform. This is partly due to the fact that they will be earning a form of currency that can be used for more than a select business, as is the modern standard. Sessia also allows companies that sign up to build a customer base in new areas before expanding their services, giving them multiple growth opportunities that would have otherwise not been possible.

The company has invited interested parties to visit their website, where they can find more information on how the platform works and the myriad ways it can be used to promote a business effectively among a well-defined audience. Furthermore, customers and businesses may follow Sessia on Facebook, where the company regularly shares news and updates.

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