German Cannabis Firm AMP Signs Agreement with Aphria Subsidiary CC Pharma

German Cannabis Firm AMP Signs Agreement with Aphria Subsidiary CC Pharma

The cannabis industry may have grown at a fast clip in Canada, but what often goes unnoticed is the significant growth taking place in the parts of Europe. In a new development, AMP, the German cannabis firm, has signed an agreement with CC Pharma. CC Pharma is based in German and also a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Canadian cannabis firm Aphria. It is a highly important development, considering the fact that CC Pharma is one of the biggest medical cannabis distributors in Germany and could help AMP significantly.

By way of this agreement, AMP Alternative Medical Products GmbH is going to get the help of CC Pharma in order to distribute the EU-GMP (European Union – Good Manufacturing Practice) certified cannabis that it imports. CC Pharma is among the biggest distributors in the German market and has a network of as many as 33,000 pharmacies all across the European country. Speaking about the deal, the Managing Director at AMP, Dr. Stefan Feuerstein said,

“AMP appreciates the opportunity to supply CC Pharma, the leading medical cannabis distributor in Germany, with imported EU-GMP certified medical cannabis cultivated in Canada. This strategic relationship will establish AMP as an important importer of medical cannabis into Germany in the future.”

That being said, it is also important to note that AMP first needs to acquire the necessary import licenses and then strike up import deals with companies that can supply EU-GMP certified cannabis. Moreover, the volumes will also need to be of a higher level in order to ensure that the agreement with such a large distributor like CC Pharma, to be worthwhile. At this point in time, it appears that it is a deal that could propel AMP into becoming one of the bigger players in the European market in the not too distant future.

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